New Things! - Professional Studio, Production, the Ash Matthews CRIB Project

Professional Studio

Since mid-January, we have been brought on to work with a professional studio in the Dayton area. Razdabar Sound and Management has hired us (specifically Ash Matthews) to be a staff engineer at their facility. Ash has been working with tons of new talent from the Dayton area, and he has been putting in insane hours there running sessions, networking, hosting his Music Review Monday show on Facebook, and just trying to make Razdabar the best it can possibly be. 

This professional relationship has allowed Ash (and Smart Boy Studios) to build some important relationships, gain more experience, and help another local business grow! If you'd like to schedule a session with Ash over at Razdabar just Contact Us!

Prices at Razdabar:

  • $50/hr

  • $225 for a 5 hour block

  • $400 for a 10 hour block

  • LIMITED DEAL - $400 for 10 hours (non-consecutive/use whenever)


We have a new method of providing instrumentals/production to artists. We are not interested in just selling off beats, or leasing beats, or anything like that. We wish to actually collaborate with artists. Therefore, we now offer production in three ways: Exclusives, Commission, Homies.


We have a password-protected page on our website (Production) where artists can listen to a variety of beats - finished, unmixed, unfinished, or skeletons - in a variety of genres. If the artists is interested in an instrumental (or its potential), they can contact us and we will work out the production so that it is a custom fit, negotiate price, and negotiate a contract. All deals are exclusive and the artist receives WAV trackouts.

*If you want the password the the PRODUCTION page to hear the exclusive beats - Contact Us


If you would like us to produce a specific-sounding instrumental (a certain style, a certain genre, using a certain sample, "[Insert Artist/Producer] Type Beat"), then you can come to us and we will make a custom instrumental for you. Prices for these will be a bit steeper than existing production, but still negotiable (along with the contract). All deals are exclusive and the artist receives WAV trackouts.


Close friends of Smart Boy Producers, members who have signed up to receive e-mails from Smart Boy Studios, and repeat clients will receive beats-in-work (unfinished beats) directly to their email. They will be able to claim them, and we can work together to finish them out.

The whole idea here is to actually work with artists, to provide artists ONLY with exclusive instrumentals, and actually enjoy producing instrumentals instead of trying to turn them out quickly to appeal to a mass market.

Ash Matthews CRIB Project

Currently, we are still awaiting plenty of recordings from artists and have recording sessions planned for the end of February. We are trying to finish recording by the end of the month, so that any production changes can be made and we can move onto the mixing phase. The cover art is currently in the works...and if you're reading's a sneak peek at what's happening.

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Art Credit: Andy GoReal Art

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