All of these instrumentals are currently available. Some are finished - some are not - let's finish them together.

If you are interested Contact Us, and we can finish the instrumental together and negotiate price.

All production is exclusive, you receive .WAV trackouts, and we will negotiate a price and a contract.









This is a slow, sample-based track that has a pretty simple arrangement. It's super vibey and has potential for a great vocalist.


This track is pretty's lead by a vocal sample, but includes an organ sample and a guitar sample to switch things up. There's a solid arrangement, but it may be hard to determine if you aren't really focusing on what's happening.


This beat is a banger! It's pretty much finished, just needs a better mix. However, we are totally open to changing anything for you!

Live & Chill

This track is mainly an idea of a track. The sounds and style are there. There is a lot more we can do with the sample, and it could use a more structured arrangement. This is sample-based and has tons of potential. Totally open to ideas.


This one is a bit of work in's just a simple, dark, intense banger. The low end needs some taming and shaping. There's more to do to liven it up and give it a bit more texture...but it's the start of an idea for those who like Suicide Boys, Pouya, etc


This is a funky track with a fun bass line and driven by a sample. The arrangement can be worked out however you'd like!