What's New???

It's been a while since I've updated everyone with what's going on here, so I figured I'd take the time to do that! My absence was due to a work trip to Vegas, where I had limited access to internet and virtually no time to get Smart Boy work done. 

However, after I got back from my trip I cleaned up the house/studio, ran some personal errands, and grounded myself before going back into the routine of things. So here are some updates:

1) New Headphones

We've got several new pairs of headphones in for several uses: recording (Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro), mixing/reference (AKG K701 AND Q701), and reference/recording/personal (Sennheiser Momentum/HD1).

2) Mixing/Mastering

Finished up mixing and moved on to mastering for a client out in California. Next up - singles for a couple Indianapolis artists, then mixing a debut album for an Ohio artist.

3) Panda Gang Shirts 

T-shirts for our artist Dcasso should be in this week, and we have had them up for Pre-Order for a while. You should definitely go get one since we will start shipping soon! Also, outside of shirts, I've been doing some back-end business things for Dcasso as well since I've been back.

4) Freelance Shirts - NEW IDEA

I've been contemplating finding designers who would like to sell shirts of their designs but don't want to go through the hassle of setting up a storefront. I am in the market for designers and could soon start Smart Boy Clothing OR Smart Boy Designs....we'll see soon.

Jordan Murphy