Craziest Weekend In A While!


We had Zack Hyde in the studio for a recording session, and we ended up laying down three tracks for his album! I was genuinely impressed with his preparation and vision for his songs. Here in the near future, we should be rounding up all of his recordings and start mixing the entire album. Go check out his fidget spinner viral video!


We headed over to Columbus, OH for our artist Dcasso's show opening for Bezz Believe. Bezz Believe has worked with artists like Kevin Gates, Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, Drake, and Big Sean. It was a pretty good show, and we had a good time at Kookie's Place (cheap drinks and amazing wings). We were there pretty late and came back to Dayton, bringing Dcasso back with us.


What a day! Dcasso woke up to a message from someone on his Panda Gang team that included a link to a song just released from another local artist. That song had a couple of sneak disses towards Dcasso. Long story short, that was the straw that broke the camel's back, and Dcasso was ready to record a diss track response. So in 4-5 hours, we created an entire intro graphic, recorded a four part diss, filmed it, and put an entire video together. We then had to head down to Cincinnati, OH, with our photographer for the night, Levi Morman, to open up for Bezz Believe for the second night in a row at Mad Frog

We had a great performance, met a lot of awesome artists, networked with so many people, and gained some really cool fans. Dcasso is excited to play Cincinnati again sometime! We left a little early to come back and start working on a new single. It was a late night and we made decent progress. We also released the diss track video, "Poke The Bear," which you can view down below.


Sunday was a day for a lot of business with Dcasso, as well as finishing recording his new single. We made some decisions on merch, single video, and organization. We are planning to get some new shirts (similar design but white on black), and we are trying to optimize and consolidate Dcasso's social media.