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We provide a platform for Web and App development.
Additionally, we offer IT services, such as: PC repair, data recovery, disk cloning, and more. 

We are always looking for more people to join our development team for Web/App Development!

Contact Us if you:

-need IT support (data recovery, computer repair, tech advice)
-have a project that you'd like to share with world
-would like to work with us on developing software
-need support on any of our released applications/software



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Jordan Murphy

Jordan is extremely into film and watching tons of movies, as well as keeping track on his thoughts and ratings of the movies that he watches. Originally, he was keeping track of all of this on a Google Sheet spreadsheet. He initially began developing a standalone program for PC to take place of the spreadsheet. However, he realized that the program wouldn't help if he was away from the computer and wanted to add a movie or find a movie to watch. Therefore, he headed towards a mobile platform. He started learning Swift to develop iOS applications. As he learned, he started to build GottaSee! Within six months, GottaSee! was ready for release (see the link below to get the app). 


Has anyone ever recommended a film to you, and you forgot about it two minutes later? Have you ever seen a preview for a movie and by the next day you've forgotten what it was? Ever just have trouble trying to decide what you want to pull up on Netflix?

What if there was an app that let you easily store a list of movies that you're interested in watching? You can easily add a movie and its details, which you can edit later. After you watch the movie, you flip the “Watched” switch and the app will let you rate the movie (1-10) and post to Twitter/Facebook to tell your friends and followers your thoughts! Flipping the “Watched” switch will also move that movie from the main list to your Watched List so you can keep track of all the movies you watch and how you rated them!

Click Here to download the app (iOS only!)