We are now offering memberships at Smart Boy Studios. Check out the details below and apply!

Why Join?

  • Build A Relationship - we will grow together and we can develop your sound as we build
  • Consistency - having one engineer mix all of your music will allow your tracks to have a more consistent sound
  • Save Money - a membership is cheaper than paying track by track, or even paying for a project (as long as you make at least 10 tracks in a year); plus, a membership comes with extra perks
  • Clean/Performance Mixes - clean/radio edits and mixes for live performances are included in the membership 
  • Additional promotion - we promote our members' music on all of our social media accounts
  • Advice and Tips - we will constantly provide you with advice and tips on your recording setup and techniques in order to achieve the highest quality (if you do not record with us)
  • Priority - members get priority when it comes to scheduling sessions and projects
  • Recording Deal  - membership includes 30 free hours of recording time 


Full Mixing and Mastering

Unlimited Revisions

Clean/Performances Mixes

No Cancellation Fee

Featured on Website

Top Priority

Discounted Studio Time


Yearly - $800/yr
(Up to 20 tracks; $25/track after)

3-Month - $180/3-month period
(Up to 5 tracks; $30/track after*)

*Once you reach $620, you are automatically bumped up to the yearly discount

If you have any questions on the details of a membership, please Contact Us