We love the artists we work with and constantly promote their music, videos, and events. When you work with Smart Boy Studios, we become invested in you as a person AND as an artist. We want to help great people achieve great things. Check out some of our recent clients below...

Zachery Le'on - Smart Boy Entertainment

Zachery Le'on - Smart Boy Entertainment

Zachery Le'on

Coming out of Indianapolis, Zachery's work ethic, business-sense, and honesty has made him a forced to be reckoned with in and around the city. Recently off his self-created Blue Chucks Black Sheep tour with KenTheCoach, he released his album Ion-6: The Beginning.

Check out the new album below, or visit his website by clicking the golden button!

Victor Mariachi - Independent

Victor Mariachi - Independent

Victor Mariachi

Hailing from the Atlanta, GA area, Victor Mariachi come from a family of immigrants and focuses his music on the struggles and socio-economic climate from the perspective as a person of color in a corrupt society.

Victor recently released his debut album "Weapons Of Our Ancestors" which placed #16 on Creating Loafing Atlanta's "Top 20 Albums of 2017". The track "With A Vengeance" placed #54 on Immersive Atlanta's "55 Best Local Songs of 2017" list.

Click to Watch Victor's Interview with Myke C-Town from Dead End Hip Hop

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