We love the artists we work with and constantly promote their music, videos, and events. When you work with Smart Boy Studios, we become invested in you as a person AND as an artist. We want to help great people achieve great things. Check out some of our recent clients below...

 Dcasso - Smart Boy Entertainment

Dcasso - Smart Boy Entertainment


An up-and-coming artist from Lima, OH, Dcasso is a longtime friend of Smart Boy Studios. His music ranges from soulful and heartfelt to hard and heavy.

He recently released a 4-track EP,  "Coldest Winter" while we works on his sophomore album! Listen below, visit his website, or go to our Shop to purchase a Dcasso Shirt.

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 Ejaaz - Eagletuck 

Ejaaz - Eagletuck 


Coming out of Indianapolis, Ejaaz's vibed-out music and electric personality are quickly shooting him to the top of everyone's "Artists to Watch" lists. 

He also constantly posts new covers and singles on his YouTube Channel.

Ejaaz has recently moved to Los Angeles to further his career!

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 Victor Mariachi - Independent

Victor Mariachi - Independent

Victor Mariachi

Hailing from the Atlanta, GA area, Victor Mariachi come from a family of immigrants and focuses his music on the struggles and socio-economic climate from the perspective as a person of color in a corrupt society.

Victor recently released his debut album "Weapons Of Our Ancestors" which placed #16 on Creating Loafing Atlanta's "Top 20 Albums of 2017". The track "With A Vengeance" placed #54 on Immersive Atlanta's "55 Best Local Songs of 2017" list.

Click to Watch Victor's Interview with Myke C-Town from Dead End Hip Hop

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