Mula Khan's New Single Is The Soundtrack To A Robbery

Although not his most aggressive record production-wise, “Dead or Alive” still exemplifies Mula Kkhan’s dark, violent aesthetic. This relatively short song, produced by Juice Rose, shows Kkano rapping his typical flow and cadence with talks of money and harming those that stand in his way. The ad libs and stutter effects are executed nicely and add a nice bit of ear-candy to the track.

The last third of the track stands out to most to me, as Mula changes up his flow into one I haven’t heard from him much, if at all. It’s a nice mix between melodic and monotone, smooth but staccato, relaxed but assertive.

Overall, this track is a nice teaser to what Mula Kkhan is working on. This isn’t a record to mosh to as much as it is the soundtrack to home robbery that turns ugly when the resident is unsuspectedly at the house and stands in the way of Mula’s need for the paper.

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I hit up Mula to ask him about his signature scorpion insignia, his relationships with local artists, and his feelings on D Wade. Read the interview below!

When I see/hear “Mula Kkhan” I automatically picture a scorpion. What’s the importance and meaning behind the scorpion for you?

To me, I see scorpions as deadly and dangerous. I see the same traits in myself. Scorpions are resilient, and I’ve had tough living conditions; like a scorpion, you have to be tough to survive. I’m still here, and I’m still living considering what Indianapolis is turning into.

You’ve put out two albums in the past two years. Can we expect an album by the end of 2019?

There might be album close to October or end of October. No promises or nothing, but I might drop something haha.

Your last album Inferno had a very cohesive sound, and I believe you had the same producer for most of the songs, if I’m not mistaken. Do you enjoy crafting a sound with just a couple of producers for a whole project? Furthermore, how did the creation of that album come about?

I normally pick 2 or 3 producers to work with throughout the year and create a project with their beats . I love the crafting stages of a single or track list with the producers. A lot of artist don’t like showing love to the source of their sound. I find a lot of joy in working closely with someone that’s helping paint your vision. The creation of Inferno was kinda random haha. I went through 2 name changes, and originally it was suppose to be a 2-part EP. I ended up making it an album, and it just went from there; a lot of hype and dark energy.

Your music and videos, especially your recent video for “Killgrave”, tend to be very dark and violent. I’m curious about what inspires this sound and aesthetic. What artists or bands do you think influence your style, musically and visually?

Shout out Josh Jones and Jake Huber; they’re the masterminds behind my recent videos. Jake usually comes up with script based off the energy of the records. I listen to a lot alternative trap music, trap metal, and street music, and also some hardcore bands here and there. Right now I’m enjoying Joji and Bill $aber, also some Trippie Redd. [Bill] $aber’s “Creepin n Lurkin” really sparked some of my recent work. It’s not just music that inspires the dark and violent energy, it comes from artwork, movies, anime, and just older vibes  with a dark essence.

I know you rank D-Wade in your Top 3 shooting guards of all-time. How do you feel about him leaving the league? And who are the other two?

I didn’t have the opportunity to watch his last game, or even see him live, but it’s sad and a bit depressing lol. Watching him leave is honestly showing how old I’m getting, and it’s just sad bro haha  You already know, it goes MJ, Kobe, then Wade, no debate.

Can you name one industry artist and one industry producer that you’d love to work with? Can you name one local/underground artist and one local/underground producer that you’d love to work with (that you haven’t already)?

I would love to work with Schoolboy Q. I won’t ever get the opportunity to work with Nipsey, so that’s sad asf. Schoolboy, Nip, and ASAP Rocky were 3 artist that I always wanted to work with. Producer-wise, probably Kenny Beats. Local or underground wise, I wanna do something with Trajik and producer Mandog.

You have an obviously strong relationship with Baby Ebony, another great artist from Indianapolis. How did that relationship start? And can you name the moment that solidified your friendship/partnership?

Funny story, me and Ebony’s relationship started one day after I got in a fight with my girlfriend at the time. Bro was delivering pizzas and slid down on me, and I didn’t even know it was him. Apparently I was aggressive when he called my name. Long story short, he picked me up and we kicked it, and we been kicking it ever sense haha. That was like 3 years ago now. Wild.

Any plans in the near future for Switchblades?

We do have plans for SwitchBlades. We just wanna get our solo shit off the ground first.

What’s something you listen to that people probably wouldn’t expect you to?

I love female R&B and electric artists…a lot haha.

Can you name 3 things you’re grateful for?

Shit. My kids, my parents, and Indianapolis, for real.

Do you have any announcements or things planned for 2019, music, videos, performances, events, etc?

Yeah! New music all 2019. Right after “Dead or Alive” drops I plan on dropping back to back to back haha.  I got some weird shit coming called “Play In Dark”. I don’t know how people going feel about it, or the art, but I’m ready for the smoke.

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