Harlem Indynois - Creating the Nois and Waking Up the Repressed

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If there is anything at all that I am passionate about in the arts, it is the message the artist chooses to deliver. I am honored to have the opportunity to review and discuss the single "Educated" that gained over 12,000 views in just one week on YouTube by an independent artist, Harlem Indynois. Let me tell you, the Universe works in mysterious ways to join different outlets of talent to create a powerful message that will be heard and interpreted by the right people. I'm very happy to have been given this opportunity to write this piece, not only because I, too, am fervent about Harlem's message to the world, but because I have discovered a musical artist that I truly believe has what it takes to make a huge come-up in music industry without demoralization.


"...it's clear he has a mission in this life to help awaken the masses and spread an awareness to those too blind to see the faults in our modern day society."


"Educated", featuring Pope Adrian Bless, is the second single off of the upcoming album Stereotypical produced by Philosopher Beatz. To throw my own personal opinion in the mix, I am excited to listen to the rest of the album when it drops. The beat, the NOIS, the flow, the passion and the talent are always the ingredients that turns me on to any particular artist or song no matter the genre, but "Educated" provides a little something extra. It speaks of truths many are blind to due to corrupt mental programming through a broken educational system. I've always believed any and all artistic talent is the soul's way of communicating. After personally speaking with Harlem himself over a phone interview, it's clear he has a mission in this life to help awaken the masses and spread an awareness to those too blind to see the faults in our modern day society. 

What better way to do that than through heart felt lyrics; lyrics that created an array of goosebumps down my arms when listening. That is when I know it was written fluently with passion. I have many musically talented friends, and I've experienced the creation of a song and putting it all together many times in my life. I know how it feels to be present while auditory art is being made into a creation that will be grasped by those who connect with it, and let me just say I could only imagine the hard work, creative sparks and vibrational energy that was present in order to create and produce this well put-together single.

Of course everyone's opinions may vary, but I am an unbiased informant who has only just discovered Harlem Indynois this past week, and I strongly encourage you check out this hit, "Educated". It's important not to interpret the single in the wrong light, however. Education in all aspects is important, and you need to grow intellectually both in and out of a classroom; but the message here is that our current system is "one size fits most," and there are infinite perceptions and ways we all acquire the knowledge being thrown at us between four walls, sitting at a desk. Your intelligence and your worth are not determined by the standardized testing scores or your GPA, whether you're in high school or college. Harlem, himself, can attest to that. He revealed his struggles and his personal experiences about how the educational system failed him, and I can attest that despite his hardships in a failing school system, he is actually very much an intelligent and bright person who has big goals without the ego . Being book smart doesn't measure your knowledge, it only measures your obedience to memorizing words and events from a text book that more than likely delivers a shrewd version of actual facts. A piece of paper labelled as a diploma shouldn't be able to limit an individual's ultimate success when not formally obtained. Everybody has the ability to gain the information and knowledge they need to ascend their wisdom. Just because you don't follow the path they lay out for you in school, does not mean you are any less equipped than your neighbor. I, myself have always known there needs to be an adjustment to how all public schools present their curricula. They need to integrate various learning styles and standardized testing to better fit the blueprint of each child's thought process and how they obtain information that sticks to their memory bank. But apparently, even in this day and age, civilians would rather be oppressed than make moves to better prepare our future generations so that maybe someday we can create more compassion in the world instead of unjustly laws, hate, racism, war, and corruption, which to me, (and no offense to your faith, I love everyone,) all comes down to religion. If your humanity-sculpted religion requires you to spread any form of hate to any other human being or life form, or allows you to judge them for not living a parallel life to yours, as you're doing everything society tells you to do through their corporate media sources, then you, my friend, are an active role in the oppression of the American people. 

You need to step outside of the box and educate yourself on any and all matters instead of automatically believing everything you're told to believe. Even if its not on any certain standard subject, expand your horizon in the arts. Turn off your radio and allow yourself to get lost in the music where the real talent is, where the lyrics are fueled by true pain and struggle of our distorted civilization. The underdogs to our uncultured bigot elites, who have been handed everything in life from living off the greediness of fraudulent corporations, are the ones with the most powerful words. Those are the voices that need to be heard. Seeds are being planted more and more in upcoming generations, and the truth is what we need to bring those seeds to full bloom. The truth will help the amaurotic people see that our so called "modern civilization" is just (and excuse my french) fake, media-fueled, propaganda bullshit, telling people how they should live and what is or isn't socially acceptable.


"Not only is the message important, but the quality of 'Educated' as a whole is pretty impressive and definetly has an easy listening flow that will stick in your head for the rest of the day."


That being said, I feel I have portrayed the message of Harlem Indynois extensively enough and my intentions are not to bore you, but to only clarify the significance of his single "Educated". Because of it's important message, I also want to spread the word not just to society, but more importantly, to the youth of today. They are the ones who can still come back and make a difference for the betterment of mankind that we so desperately need. We can't let the oppression of our leaders today hold us back from everything they fear...THE TRUTH.

There is more that meets the eye with Harlem Indynois and his love for music. In the short time frame I was able to speak with him, I was able to assess that he is indeed a very intelligent and aware individual, as I have already stated. There is a clever input instilled in his thought process and the way he sees things. I'm sure you may have noticed toward the beginning of this article the word "nois" in all caps. There is a reason for that, and I find it pretty clever and catchy. Definitely trademark material. 

First, I'll give you a little background of origin of the name Harlem Indynois. Originally being from Chicago, Illinois, then moving to Indianapolis, Indiana, Harlem wanted to add something more unique behind his name for more than just exposure and marketing purposes. He brought the love for both of his states together into one representation. Although the 's' is silent in "Illinois", Indynois is actually pronounced 'indy-noise', and his reasoning behind it is actually pretty innovative and thought out. Noise is the acute vibrations travelling into our auditory receptors as we channel our connection with the melody we make of it. Music is noise from the soul. It can be loud and drown out the silence of the blind. Keep in mind, I'm interpreting his vision for this trademark in my own words, and they are not direct quotes. What stuck out to me the most when he talking about the origin of his performance name was the comparison he used between the words 'loud' and 'noise'. When I analyze the word 'loud' in a metaphorical sense, I think of power and the ability to be heard. He replaced that adjective in an ingenious way with a memorable trademark that has a deeper meaning than what it may appear to be. The deep thinkers and innovators of creation in any art form, especially music, is where I focus my own personal support. Ladies and gentleman, I have discovered an immaculate talent with a chance to be a sovereign role model in the Rap/Hip-Hop culture. Harlem Indynois is definitely worth checking out. Not only is the message important, but the quality of "Educated" as a whole is pretty impressive and defintely has an easy listening flow that will stick in your head for the rest of the day.

We briefly discussed his intentions and ultimate goals for the future with his music career. To be honest, it was no surprise to me when he told me he has no desire to sign on with any record label, and that he would rather acquire his own team and build himself up to provide opportunities for his people. I respect that and can get behind anyone who is more focused on delivering their voice rather than getting greedy over money and having a name because they allowed a record label to trick them into signing away their true vision as an artist, only to be turned into another puppet for the media. This is where our role as a listening audience comes into play. Mainstream media only exist because it programs people into supporting what's popular and not what actually unveils true passion and talent. Always support your local artist and share their music with those around you. Not only will you be expanding your own musical horizon and creating positive exposure for the artist, but you'll create a better connection to those who appreciate the idea of bonding over new music you've shared, especially when its fire like the rhythm for "Educated". This reaction creates a chain link of connections and exposure to those who need to hear it the most. I have no doubt in my mind Harlem Indynois will be able to achieve his true vision, because what's more important than his talent, is his strive. A true visionary for an autonomous role model. I very much applaud him and will be a supporting fan myself from here on out and I encourage you check it out for yourself and do the same.

Harlem Indynois


Philosopher Beatz


Note from the Editor: Be sure to check out Harlem Indynois's feature on the debut album from Dcasso, "Where I'm At" out on June 16th