The Mood Listening Party + Recording Session

This weekend, Dcasso came down to continue working on his debut album. The production is completely finished, most of the writing is done, and about half of the recording is done. We are currently waiting on our features to be sent in/recorded!

We also put up some sound treatment in the studio (bass traps and early reflection absorption). Our next upgrade will likely be a new custom-built computer!

Smart Boy Studios - Dcasso - Ejaaz - Cruz - Album Release.JPG

Saturday, Dcasso made the trip with Ash to Ejaaz's listening party for his project "The Mood" (mixed and mastered by Ash). We picked up Cruz on the way to snap the photo above. It was held at Tube Artspace in Indianapolis; a really dope art gallery that featured an exhibit on Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Ejaaz had a film that accompanied his intro track playing in a small room to the side, and later played every song from the project, followed by commentary about each. 

Go visit Dcasso's Website

Go checkout Cruz's newest single "Welcome"

Go listen to the singles from "The Mood" (releasing March 31)

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